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Events for 2018

Event Dates Subject to Change Please Check Newsletter

We are closed in inclement weather. We are closed if Waterford School District is closed.

The Hatchery House, research library, offices and our Log Cabin store are open March through mid-December on Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m.—2:00 p.m.

The Village is open from May through the last Wednesday in September each year.

7 Hatchery House Opens   
7 Newsletter Mailing  
21 Board Meeting 1:00  
24 Fashion Show 11:00  
4 Log Cabin Days Mtg 1:00  
18 Board Meeting 1:00  
2 Historic Village opens  
16 Board Meetomg 2:15
17 Annual Membership   Mtg & Election 7:00 pm
6 Newsletter Mailing  
13 Board Meeting 2:15
23 Log Cabin Work Day 10:00
24 Log Cabin Day 12-5
18 Board Meeting 2:15
22 Summer Sunday 1:00-4:00
15 Board Meeting 2:15
19 Summer Sunday 1:00-4:00
5 Newsletter Mailing  
16 Summer Sunday 1:00-4:00
19 Board Meeting 2:15
26 Village Closes for Season  
  after this Wednesday  
10 Board Meeting 1:00
19 Christmas in October 10-4
20 Christmas in October 10-4
14 Board Meeting 1:00
21 No Workday
28 Newsletter Mailing  
1 Christmas Sale  10-4
5 Last Wednesday open
6 Christmas Lunch noon
Christ Lutheran Church
  Dec 12-Feb 21, 2019 Closed
March 2019
6 First Wednesday Open
20 Board Meeting 1:00
23 Fashion Show





Fashion Show and Luncheon - Join us for a delectable lunch and an elegant fashion show in March.

Log Cabin Days Festival - We celebrate the Statewide Log Cabin Day by holding a festival the last Sunday in June at 4490 Hatchery Rd on our grounds. Exhibits include a Living History Encampment, White Elephant Sale, strawberry shortcake, entertainment, hands-on activities and much more.

Christmas in October - This annual event is in October and gives you a chance to shop early for Christmas without the crowd and hassle.  The Log Cabin and Jacober’s General Store are decorated and filled with one of a kind crafts and gifts for all ages. 

Christmas Sale - This annual event is in early December and offers a last minute chance for Christmas shopping.

Christmas Lunch - We celebrate our membership with our annual Christmas “pot luck” luncheon in December.  All members and friends one and all are invited to attend and enjoy a festive holiday meal.